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Marilyn Hamilton
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Marilyn Hamilton Professional Speaker & Business Consultant

Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker     |     Inspiration     |     Innovation     |     Increasing Performance     |     Meeting Planner

A gifted and enthusiastic speaker, Marilyn Hamilton has shared the spirit of Envision with audiences large and small. She speaks from her heart, using episodes from her own life to illustrate universal ideas, attitudes and truths. Always with a healthy dose of humor. Always with the goal of giving her audience a memorable takeaway.

Few speakers can move an audience like Marilyn. With passion and conviction, she shares a life-changing message that is as motivational as it is inspirational. Her refreshing perspective is positively contagious, regardless of the size of the gathering.

Marilyn’s one-of-a-kind background, which includes overcoming disability, business leadership and inspiring others toward success, enables her to speak with authority in three key areas:


Speech Titles

1. Challenge Your Limits
2. The Link, The Lift and The Leap
3. Onward & Upward - “Must Have” Business Success Tools”
4. Life is Not a Spectator Sport




Envision by Marilyn Hamilton copyright 2007