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Marilyn Hamilton
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Marilyn Hamilton Professional Speaker & Business Consultant


Welcome to the world of Marilyn Hamilton – the professional speaker and consultant with a powerful life story, proven business accomplishments and a positive approach to success, satisfaction and life! All available through a groundbreaking concept called ...ENVISION

“Nobody who is in a wheelchair today is the same because of Marilyn’s extraordinary work”. Maria Shriver, First Lady California

Maria Shriver
Marilyn Hanggliding
Marilyn at 2006 Minerva Awards

Watch Marilyn Hamilton's Minerva Award Video click below



Galileo Therapy & Training

Fitness has been a life-long journey for me. What about you? Check out Galileo's "whole body vibration" principles and platforms on my website,
I'm delighted to introduce Galileo products from Germany which enhance "muscle fitness".

Marilyn on Galileo Tilt TableGalileo Tilt Table >>

Have you seen EKSO in the media? Ekso Bionics has been pushing the envelope and Marilyn has joined the Board of Directors!

Marilyn joins Ekso Bionics Board. >>


Envision by Marilyn Hamilton copyright 2007